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A very warm welcome to Kelaza, the online ‘real-time,’ ‘live’ learning platform powered by state-of-the-art technology! If you are here with us now, it means you are looking to connect for some learning, coaching, mentoring, counselling or skill development. Whatever your purpose, we are here to cater to you at your own convenience and time.

All you need minimally is something as basic as a smartphone and a pair of earphones. Now that you are here, let us introduce you to a whole new world of learning!


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Register for free, purchase your course(s) and experience a life-changing way of learning!


Learn From 'The Best'

The Educators on the Kelaza platform, ranging from Masters to Young Turks are an exclusive pool of dynamic professionals chosen through a strict curation process. Irrespective of your location, you get a chance to acquire knowledge and skills from their wisdom and experience.

A Whole New World Of Learning


Reap Benefits From Our Multi-Purpose Courses And Sessions

   From ‘Test-preps’ to ‘Make-up and Styling’, from ‘Language learning’ and ‘Creative Writing’ to ‘Math and Chemistry’, from ‘Mindfulness training’ and ‘Yoga’ to ‘Dance Movement therapy’ and ‘Counselling,’ from ‘Acting’ to ‘Music,’ and so on, we have courses for all – from children to adults, to help you at different phases of your career and life-cycle.


Save Money And Time

   Reap the advantage of accessing some of the best professionals available for teaching, coaching, mentoring, training and counselling, irrespective of your geographical location at affordable prices.

  Weigh your options between spending thousands at the local Tuition/Coaching center and phasing your spend and opting from a larger pool of professionals at competitive course prices.

   Take classes from your home or any place that suits you (provided you have internet!) and save the time and transportation cost of travelling to the coaching center.


Learn Hassle-Free

   Register for your chosen class/course as per your convenience.

   Take your class from any geographical ‘Location’ provided you have a good internet connection.

   All you need is a smartphone or a laptop with camera and in-built microphone (it’s already there!). Or, you can work with a tablet, an ipad. Pair these with good earphones and you are good to go!

Learn Interactively In a Multi-Media Environment

   From lecturing, discussing, debating to exhibiting of power-points, documents, visuals, videos, you will learn through multiple tools and matchless methods.


Leverage The Benefits Of Group-Learning With Co-Learners Across Geography

   Register for a course and connect with others who have registered in the real-time virtual classroom from different locations. Get enriched, by listening to questions and discussions generated by co-learners too!


Get Lifetime Access To Your Customized Dashboard!

   Register for a course and get lifetime access to a user-friendly and easy to perceive dashboard to keep you updated with your subscribed classes and courses.

   Receive notification and link of your upcoming class.

   Send homework to and receive feedback and official messages from your educator/mentor/coach in your Kelaza inbox.


Online Convenience!

   Register for a course and pay online in INR (within India) and USD (outside of India).

   Access our 24×7 helpline chat box for any troubleshooting.

   Reap the benefits of the world’s best learning room technology in-built into our platform to enrich your seamless online learning experience!


Your Wish Is Our Command

   If a course interests you and you cannot take it on the mentioned date and time, add it to your Wishlist and purchase it later.

   You can even request for a course that is not on our list that you want to pursue by writing to us at support@kelaza.org. We will try our best to fit it in at the earliest possible.

Learn Online ‘Live’ & Interact With Your Educator ‘Real time’.

Unlike most self-learning online courses, where the instructor provides ‘pre-recorded’ lessons, the Kelaza educator interacts with you ‘live!’ Register for a course (s) and experience real-time learning with your educator! For instance, you can be in Patna and your educator can be in Bangalore, you can be in Dubai and your educator can be in Gurgaon and yet, they will be talking to you at the moment, like the Teacher does in a physical classroom!

No matter where you are, the live-class simulation technology on Kelaza, will empower you to ask your questions and clear your doubts in several ways.

About Kelaza

Kelaza is an online real-time live learning platform which helps impart transformational learning experiences to child and adult learners worldwide. Our educators, mentors, coaches and counsellors are selected from among the best in their fields to provide captivating courses that help learners grow, develop and learn for life.

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Kelaza is an online real-time live learning platform which helps impart transformational learning experiences to child and adult learners worldwide.

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